Because of the increase of international contact , globalization and internationalization  verbal and written communication skills are  very essential.


Meanwhile, there are a number of theoretical approaches, which have set the study of communicative events to target, for example  conversation analysis, discourse analysis, dialogue analysis and speech act theory. As a basic theory of this work serves the speech act theory that is considered  as a descriptive model of the intentionality of communication. While we speak, we the same time exercise speech acts. With the language you can describe the world, but also change it.



The goal of this study is a description of the speech act theory´s basic theses.  This begs the question, what is a speech act and what kind of classification of illocutionary speech acts  there are. Another aim of the study is to describe the stages of development of the speech act theory and explanation of the benefits and the weaknesses of the theory. The discussion of the possibilities for further development of speech act theory (for example the further development of the subclassifications) concludes this study. This project is in its infancy, and only later in the research will emerge within the priority areas of future speech act research .